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    Windows Movie maker is not present in Windows XP

    I have bought a Windows XP installed desktop pc from my a company for educating the poor children. Early it was working good but now when I searched Windows movie maker to teach some use of it to my children I couldn’t find it in my system. So please help me out of this problem.

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    Re: Windows Movie maker is not present in Windows XP

    [B]hello friends..

    the above said problem raised due to following reasons:

    1)Due to Windows Movie maker problem

    to solve your problem follow the below steps:

    ##first of all,go to control panel

    ##then, click on add or remove programs

    ##then, select Windows Movie maker

    ##then, uninstall it

    ##then, download the latest version of Windows movie maker

    ##and install in to your system

    ##after successful installation restart your system

    all the best

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