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    Windows phone showing the error windows Live ID center is down

    My windows phone worked well upto the day before yesterday. Nothing went wrong upto that. Now it is not allowing to update any apps on it. At the time I tried update of games and Mango, it shows that the Windows Live ID center is down right now. TRy again Later. I also tried later for about n number of times. All the time, it shows me the same error. But I can able to connect with the network and also able to logged in to account too. Now I want to know why this happens and what is the problem behind this and How to overcome this problem. PLease give me a quick guide.

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    Re: Windows phone showing the error windows Live ID center is down

    You need to change the Windows LIve ID center settings. This settings may vary to the phone models. Let me give you a general settings to solve this problem. Go to Settings on your phone and scroll down to see emails+accounts. Click the option once you found. The Hot mail configuration will be visible for you that is live.com IDs. Select teh one that is not working properly. Now check the server setting in it. The server setting may varies with different countries. If the server settings is went wrong then contact your network operator and set with the right settings.
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