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    Windows phone update Error 80070424

    Whenever I try to update my windows smart phone an error arises. It reads as error 80070424.I am unable to figure it out. I even reset my phone but still cannot fix this error.What is the cause of this? I desperately wanted to update my phone.

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    Re: Windows phone update Error 80070424

    Windows Update Error 80070424 *occurs due to the result of corrupt files that are used by the Windows Update service.This is a problematic error which prevents your computer from downloading any updates while it is active.To fix this problem we should have to reinstall or fix the Windows service that uses the corrupt files.It can effect the operation of your whole computer.
    To fix the window service that will fix the corrupted files we have to follow the following steps:-

    1.Click "Start," type "Run" in the "Search" box, and press "Enter."
    3.Press "Enter."

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    Re: Windows phone update Error 80070424

    If "Error code 80070424" ccomes it means you will unable to boot my computer in safe mode. t may cause damage the system.to solve this problem we should have to follow these steps:-
    1.Firstlty Right click on it-permissions
    2.Then Click on ADD
    3.After that type Everyone and click ok
    4.Now Click on Everyone
    5.Then we *have permission for users
    6.Then select full control and click ok
    7Then .press Windows+R key*
    8.Now type services.msc and click ok
    9.Then start base filtering engine service and then windows firewall service*

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    Re: Windows phone update Error 80070424


    The trouble is of a difficult nature but needs multiple effort from different corner, primarily you try to update the phone using june software that should have installed in your computer following the step as deccribed later.

    If you receive an error that says "update Error 80070424", try to update your phone after restarting it and then reconnecting it to your computer by using the USB cable that was included with the phone. Do not use a USB hub.

    If your Windows Phone still does not respond or operate as expected, a restart, reset and restore, or roll back of your Windows Phone 7 might help contact immidietly with your service center.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Windows phone update Error 80070424


    dear friend,

    You can face this problem when you try to update your windows.

    There are several solutions of it-

    1. Download a troubleshooter from the following link to check for the errors, take necessary steps against the error & re-register to the Microsoft services.


    2. Download the following tool & execute it. Then follow the steps prompted to solve the error.


    3. Try to download & install windows update agent, which'll alert you for the updates available & will help you to download the updates.

    4. Your windows firewall may got damaged. Download a firewall error resolution tool from the following link-


    5. Somehow windows services option turned OFF - so that you can't update your windows. Follow these steps to restart windows services-

    Tap Windows key+R button together.
    Type services.msc in the edit box & hit enter.
    Provide the administrator password if prompted-if you logged in as administrator,then you don't have to provide it.
    Enable the following services-

    • Workstation
    • Background Intelligent Transfer Service
    • Windows Update
    Then click on OK & exit the window.

    Now restart your computer & check for updates.

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