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    Windows update unable to install Office 2003 updates

    I have an old computer having windows xp in it. I am using Microsoft Office 2003 in it. I always use internet and windows automatic update is enabled so it download updates automatically. There is no any problem in downloading updates but windows is unable to install office 2003 update. I have encountered this error many times and till now, I haven’t got the solution. Can you help me?

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    Re: Windows update unable to install Office 2003 updates

    Dear friend,

    If you are facing problem in installing MS Office 2003 Updates, then there may be certain reasons for this problem:

    >> May be the Downloaded update is incomplete due to error in Network Connection. In this case, you must re-download the updates of MS Office and try again to install them.

    >> May be the MS Office installed in your system is trial or pirated. In this case, your MS Office updates will not install.

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    Re: Windows update unable to install Office 2003 updates



    dear friend,

    It is not clear that which kind of error messages you are viewing at the time of installation.

    If you are unable to install Office 2003 updates then you must repair the software that you've installed earlier.

    But before that, use the registry editor to rename some files-

    Open the RUN window by pressing Windows key+R button together.

    Type regedit in the edit field & press enter.

    It'll open the registry editor.

    Point to the-

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software > Microsoft > Office > 11.0

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Microsoft > Office > 11.0

    Change the 11.0 with old11 in both the key.

    Now insert the iso image office disc in your disc drive or run the setup from your storage.

    Select repair option from the list & press Next.

    Wait for some time while the setup repair your office file.

    Restart your computer.

    Now you can use your updated office software.

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    Re: Windows update unable to install Office 2003 updates

    To unable the update the install Office 2003..

    · Click the icon in the system tray on notification of updates are ready for your computer >>Choose updates to download>>click on download>>Get ready to install>>Click on install>>the updates are being installed>>some updates could not be installed.

    · If I try to install the updates from either MS Update or Download Sites I get "This update cannot be applied"

    · In the event viewer>>system I get error 0x80070663

    · In the event viewer>>application I get Error 1635.

    · I have Googled both of these but have not found an answer as yet.

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    Re: Windows update unable to install Office 2003 updates


    The error which you are getting could be there due to the fact that few of the windows update components have got corrupted ....
    Yes you are getting it right sometimes it happens that when windows update components are corrupted the your pc is not able to download the updates correctly ...

    Also the reason could be that the network connection is busy or is too slow for the updates to downloaded by your pc... Sometimes it happens that the update is being accessed by many users or the bandwidth of the update site gets full then this type of error occurs..

    And sometimes happens that your pc's network connection is too slow and hence no updates can be downloaded by your computer...
    To solve this issue first you have to reset windows update components and then see whether it solved the problem or not for you....

    Just follow the below link and you will be taken to the web page where you can fix your error by resetting your windows update components ...


    When you click the above link you will go to webpage where you will see a fixit link ...
    Click on run now and your windows update components will be reset for you automatically ...
    I am sure this will solve the problem for you and after reset you will be able to update your ms office 2003 easily...

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