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    Windows Updates freezes at 0% on Windows XP SP 3

    When I install the Windows Updates on my Windows XP with Service Pack 3, the updates halts at 0%. I left system for a whole days but the installation progress don't moved to even a single bit. I have tried many times till now by cancelling and starting again but no progress. Please provide a special method.

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    Re: Windows Updates freezes at 0% on Windows XP SP 3

    There are a number of possibilities there which might be responsible for the problem that you are encountering,
    Some of the main reasons are these.

    1. The system file corruption.
    2. Blocked updation by security softwares,
    3. Unstable Internet Connectivity.

    Check the Internet Upload / download speed, they should be continuous .

    Click Start, in the search box type cmd and press enter,
    Right click cmd,
    Select Run as Administrator,
    Type sfc /scannow , press enter,
    Let the utility scan and fix system file related issues.

    Once finished try with your proceedings.

    If there is no change,
    Disable your installed Antivirus and Firewall for some time and Then try to Update Windows XP.

    You should be able to Update now,

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    Re: Windows Updates freezes at 0% on Windows XP SP 3


    Follow these steps:

    1. Install XP SP1 and SP2 before installing SP3
    2. Disable Anti-virus
    3. Log in from Administrator account
    4. Reset the registry and the file permissions
    5. Make sure you have sufficient disk space

    Thank you.

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