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    Windows vista issue:Clicking once but it take multiple click

    I am a windows vista user and currently facing a strange issue. I haven't faced this kind of issue before. Whenever i click on anything on my desktop or any other items,it assumes that i have clicked more than once. Last night i clicked on an Advertisement on Internet only once but multiple ads started opening up which was a confirmation that i have clicked more than once. It was not the effect of Ad because similar kind of thing takes place when i use my computer offline as well.Do you know,how to fix this issue?

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    Re: Windows vista issue:Clicking once but it take multiple click

    First of all,check whether your mouse is error free or not. This kind of issue can arise due to hardware issue as well. If you have any external mouse then use it and check whether this problem still persists or not? If it still persists then restore your computer to the previous time.To do the same, click on "Start",type "System Restore" in the search box and hit the enter button. Now you will see a system restore option so Right-Click on it and then choose "Run as Administrator". Now in the system restore dialogue box, click "next". Select a restore point from the list and choose the latest date.The window which shows "Confirm your restore Point",click "Finish". It will take some time but will fix your issue. If you have antivirus software then do a full scan of your hard drive and remove the infected files.
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    Re: Windows vista issue:Clicking once but it take multiple click

    Hi dear friend............to solve this issue.....follow the below instructions

    press windows key+r and type regedit in the run box

    now press ENTER key from the keyboard... and click YES

    after that expand HKEY_CURRENT_USER>Control panel> then choose mouse option at the left pane

    then at the right pane adjust this below settings

    double click on MouseHoverTime : REG_SZ : hover time in milliseconds : 400 default

    then double click on MouseHoverWidth : REG_SZ : hover width in pixels * 2 : 4 default (2 pixels)

    and double click on MouseHoverHeight : REG_SZ : hover height in pixels * 2 : 4 default (2 pixels)

    then restart the PC ....and try again

    And if still the problem exists......simply go for the restore process.......and it will the issue.

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

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