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    Windows Vista operating system not recognizing DVD

    I am using Windows Vista operating system in my PC. Now Vista is not recognizing the DVD being inserted in to the DVD drive. Please let me know how this problem can be fixed.

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    Re: Windows Vista operating system not recognizing DVD

    If the problem is occurring, you will have to exit from Windows Media Player first.
    • Go to Start
    • Choose Control Panel
    • Double click the sound entry
    • Then select the Playback tab
    • Users will then have to right click the blank area below the option ‘Select a Playback device’ below to modify its Settings
    • Now choose ‘Show disabled devices’
    • Then users will have to right click the disabled device entry
    • Finally tap on ‘Enable’

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    Re: Windows Vista operating system not recognizing DVD

    Hii Friends...

    To over come this problem follow these steps..

    For that check CD/DVD drives for checking see below..

    Go to Start menu and click on control panel

    Click system and maintenance and click system, and then click Device manager.

    If you are prompted for an administrative password or for a conformation, type the password or click allow.

    In device manager Expand DVD/CD-Rom drives, right click CD and DVD devices, and then click Uninstall.

    When you are prompted to confirm that you want to remove the device, click ok..

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    Re: Windows Vista operating system not recognizing DVD


    Windows Vista cant identify DVD and this situation needs to be changed.

    Make sure the media is a Valid media and media with corruption will be unrecognized by the drive.

    Insert other DVDs to make sure the drive is okay.

    Now if the drive and media is without problem, enter Control Panel > System and Maintenance > Device Manager > click on CD/DVD device and click Update Driver, this will update your existing driver to a latest driver and the system should work fine now.


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