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    Windows Vista says ‘same IP address’ while connecting to internet

    Every time I try to access internet through my laptop running on Windows Vista, I found the error message “another computer on your network has the same IP address”. What are the steps needed to be taken for resolving this issue?

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    Re: Windows Vista says ‘same IP address’ while connecting to internet

    Navigate into Start->Network and Internet Connections->Network Connections and double click on either your LAN or internet connection. You can then view a window from which click the ‘Properties’ option. Then, press the ‘General’ tab located at the top part of the window. Select the ‘Properties’ of Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) after highlighting it and press the ‘General’ tab again. Choose both ‘Obtain IP address automatically’ and ‘Obtain DNS server address automatically’ options. Press the ‘OK’ button on all windows for getting back to the desktop. Restart your PC afterwards and try to connect to internet.

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    Re: Windows Vista says ‘same IP address’ while connecting to internet

    Hello friend,

    I know why your window shows 'same IP address' while connecting to internet the reason for this problem is:

    Your IP address may be used by other person.
    If your IP address is not hacked by any other person do as i say..

    1.First go to start menu and then go to 'control panel'.

    2.Then go to the option 'Network and Internet Coneesctions'.

    3.Then go to the option 'Network connections' and double click on the internet connection and then click on properties.

    4.There you go to the General tab in that tab select Internet protocol[TCP/IP].

    5.Then click on the properties and there select the two options "Obtain an IP address Automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically".

    6.And then click OK and then restart your computer

    I hope you problem may be fixed.

    Have a nice day.....

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    Re: Windows Vista says ‘same IP address’ while connecting to internet

    >> First of all close current window panel.

    >> Then go to the window start and open it.

    >> Now select the "Network and Internet Connections" and then open the "Network Connections" option.

    >> Once it opens, locate the "LAN or internet connection" and then press on its "Properties" option.

    >> Now here you select the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" option from the General option.

    >> Then select the both "Obtain IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically “options and then “apply" and then OK for save the settings.

    >> After that you need to restart the windows

    >> Now you can check whether you can use the Vista Business or not.

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