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    Windows vista showing "Interactive Services" error

    From last few days, my windows vista computer is continuously showing an "Interactive Services" error. When I check the details, it shows an error "
    Program: C:\Windows\System32\spoolsv.exe
    The application has requested the RunTime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application's support team for more information". Is there any method to fix this issue?

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    Re: Windows vista showing "Interactive Services" error

    Try to solve your problem by performing a System Restore. To do the same, navigate to Start >> Programs >> Accessories >> System Tools >> System Restore >> Choose appropriate time >> Next. If it failed to work then go to "Services" in Computer Management and Open "Properties" of a service called "Print Spooler Service". Now click on "Log on" tab and simply uncheck "Allow Service to Interact with Desktop".Your problem will be solved.
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    Re: Windows vista showing "Interactive Services" error

    Follow the below steps:
    Turn off Interactive Services Detection

    >>Right click on computer

    >>Services & Applications
    >>Locate "Interactive Services Detection"
    >>Right click on it, disable it
    Note: This is just a workaround to find what is causing the popup. Once you fix that, you can turn it back.
    To fix this problem, reset the print spooler.
    A troubleshooter is an automated tool that can find and automatically fix some problems with your PC.
    Visit the below link:http://support.microsoft.com/gp/printing_problems/en

    Thank you.

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    Re: Windows vista showing "Interactive Services" error


    To solve that problem you can try these steps...

    ===>Right click on My Computer icon, and than click on Manage.
    ===>After clicking you will get the Computer Management window.
    ===>Into the left pen click on arrow just next to Services and Applications.
    ===>Now click on Services.
    ===>After clicking you will get all the system services.
    ===>Under the services list find the Interactive Service.
    ===>Right click on it and than click on Properties.
    ===>After clicking the Service dialog box will open.
    ===>Under the Log On tab check the check box says Allow service to interact with desktop.
    ===>Now click on OK button to confirm change.
    ===>After doing so your problem will be solve.

    Try this i hope this will help you...

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    Re: Windows vista showing "Interactive Services" error

    Disable it by going to Start | Run and type in services.msc to open up the Windows Services console.
    Double click on Interactive Service to view its properties
    Under Startup type, either select it to Manual to start when you need it or Disabled to never use it, personally, I would choose the latter
    Click on the Stop button to stop the service

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