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    Windows Vista shows internal error while installing K-Lite mega codec version 4.75

    There was no issue with my PC running on Windows Vista while installing the 3.4.5 or 3.7.5 version of K-Lite mega codec into it. But, when I tried to install K-Lite mega codec version 4.75, I am getting an error window with the message “internal error: failed to expand shell folder constant ‘userappdata’”. In what way can I resolve this error?

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    Re: Windows Vista shows internal error while installing K-Lite mega codec version 4.75

    It seems that the ‘AppData’ folder is already hidden on your system. This issue can be resolved by showing the hidden folder. Select ‘Control Panel’ from start menu after clicking the ‘Start’ button. Choose ‘Appearance and Personalization’ option afterwards and click on ‘Folder Options’ item. Then, press the ‘View’ tab and select the checkbox next to ‘Show hidden files and folders’ label. After that, click on ‘OK’ button and make sure that you have given correct permissions to the ‘AppData’ folder. Right click on the folder and choose ‘Properties’ from the menu pop up on the screen. Press the ‘Security’ tab on the Properties windows and click on the ‘Edit’ button. If the user account you are using is not included in the list of permission defined users or groups, then press the ‘Add’ button and type in the username or group of users into the corresponding field for which you want to alter the permissions. Once you add your account, click on the ‘Check Names’ and press the ‘OK’ button. Choose the user/group you have added earlier from the security window and select the checkbox near ‘Full Control’ under ‘Allow’ option. Finally, click the ‘OK’ button and see whether it is possible to install K-Lite mega codec version 4.75.

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