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    Windows Vista system on startup repair screen

    While watching YouTube video, my computer running on Windows Vista froze completely. After restart, it loads only a black screen. After a scan I restarted my computer then it asked for startup repair and it still remains on that screen. How can I fix this issue?

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    Rohith(Guntur) Array
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    Re: Windows Vista system on startup repair screen

    Hie there may be your operating system is crashed.
    so to rectify this problem you want to reinstall operating system in your PC.
    to so this you want to insert the Operating system bootable disk,
    And then restart your system after that install the Operating system,
    after completleted the installation process install the your motherboard drivers. then restart.
    NOw your system is ready. Even also you are facing the same problem may be there is a hardware problem to your system.
    So please check it out.
    ALL THE BEST>!.....

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    vishal21bhadani Array
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    Re: Windows Vista system on startup repair screen

    Hi Friend,This can be happen due to Improper Shutdown of the System.>> In Windows Operating System, when your PC is not shutdown properly then it will ask you to repair.>> But Improper shutdown happens frequently then OS will be crashed and you can not repair it.>> The Last option is to Install New Operating System.>> So First Insert Bootable DVD of the Windows Operating System.>> Now boot it in repair mode.>> After that it will Repair the Operating System.>> Now you system will start Normally.I hope you will understand.All The Best

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    shubhamnema Array
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    Re: Windows Vista system on startup repair screen

    hello friend
    this is a some hardware problem.
    your pc hardware are not installed succesfully....
    please reinstalled your hardware.
    i hope your problem will solved.....

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