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    Windows Vista working only on safe mode

    I am using advent laptop which runs on Vista Home premium. When I start the computer in normal mode after 10-30 seconds, the desktop jumps back to log in screen. When I start in sage mode, there is no such issue. Why this happens?

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Windows Vista working only on safe mode

    hi dear friend...........to fix this issue

    simply press the windows key+r

    and type msconfig in the run box and press ENTER key

    then there is a window will be opened in that window select the GENERAL tab

    after that select the NORMAL STARTUP option from the window

    and after that choose the BOOT tab

    in that unselect the SAFE BOOT and also unselect all the options under the SAFE BOOT

    then click the APPLY and after click OK button

    THANK YOU.........!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Windows Vista working only on safe mode


    Your computer has Windows Vista installed but the fact is it is not in good health and possibly one or possibly many driver files are damaged or corrupt and normal Windows booting process cant load those required drivers while boot in normal mode,

    But the Safe Mode booting is possible as it requires minimal drivers to be loaded, which are still working.

    Scan and clean the system with an antivirus thoroughly and try to boot normally.

    If still fails in booting, first repair the Windows Vista using the installer diskette, and it should work.


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    Abhishek Mishra Array
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    Re: Windows Vista working only on safe mode

    A recent hardware or software change causes such problem... have you tried restoring system in safe mode if not then open system in safe mode.. now open system restore and try to restore the system to the previous time.. but this trick usually doesn't guarantee success..
    i recommend you to repair your system through a windows installation disk put that installation disk in tray and restart your system then when from the boot menu choose boot from C.D (a option will appear saying click any button to boot from C.D) Press any key to boot.
    Now wait until windows copy required files.. then in the installation menu appear choose repair your computer at the Bottom left corner and choose startup repair and wait until windows repair your system...
    If this fail then try the same 3 more times..

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    mohan123 Array
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    Re: Windows Vista working only on safe mode

    Dear friend..

    For overcome this problem follow mysteps..

    Go to Start button.. Type System Configuration..

    Open that .. one window will open..

    In that window Click on Start tab Click on Disable all..

    Next click on Services.. Put check mark on Hide Microsoft files..

    Then Click on Disable all..

    Now you can Restart system in Normal mode...

    i hope it will work..

    Thank you and All the best...

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