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    Windows XP Laptop in not connecting to Wi-fi

    I arranged Modem to my System and connected an ethernet cable to it. I have set it and gave it a password. Now, when I try to connect Wifi to my laptop, it is not connecting. Please, help me in this issue.

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    Re: Windows XP Laptop in not connecting to Wi-fi

    Wifi connection problems are due to some simple reasons. Be sure that you need to check for these problems and rectify them:

    Wireless network adapter should be enabled.
    No WEP,WPA,WPA2 issues.
    Connect cable properly to the modem.
    Drivers should not be corrupted.
    Windows XP should install all updates till date.
    No hardware and software problems.
    If you are confident that above said things are proper, then your laptop should connect to wifi this time properly.
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    Re: Windows XP Laptop in not connecting to Wi-fi


    Not getting through WiFi may have its reason embedded in settings.

    First activate Wireless network adapter which pop up once you turn on the laptop.

    Connectivity and related features should be okay.

    WiFi related Drivers should be installed and working, check it from Device Manager, under Control Panel.

    Modem , card , cables and connectors should be working fine.

    Are you sure the place from where you are trying to access does have WiFi connectivity?

    Be sure some WiFi connections want password to get connected , you are required to know the password and provide when asked else there will be no connection.


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