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    Windows XP PC restarts automatically after sometime

    My computer restarts automatically after sometime. I use windows xp home edition and yesterday onwards I am facing this problem that my pc being restarted automatically without applying the restart commands. I don’t know why this happening is. It was working perfectly yesterday morning. I don’t know what steps to do in order for my pc to work perfectly without this restarting problem. Need your help regarding this.

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    bonomali Array
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    Re: Windows XP PC restarts automatically after sometime


    Well, it seems to me your having either some hardware problems or your Windows XP is corrupted that is why you are having the issue with your PC. First, you should turn off your computer first. Then open the cabinet and check the Ram and Ram slot. You should remove the Ram from the slot and gently wipe out the dust around it and insert it to the Ram slot. Then check the power cables of your SMPS. If you find nothing then you should turn on the computer to see wheather the sanme kind of problem is going on or not. If there is no problem then fine otherwise there is some problem with your OS. you hve to forsmt your PC with new OS.


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    rautaripu Array
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    Re: Windows XP PC restarts automatically after sometime

    Hi friends,

    This types of problems occurs many times during the usage of the computer.
    this types of problems causes due to the processor failure. If the processor gets crashed then pc restarts several times.
    Now please check the processor as i am directing you.:

    >>First of all you remove the cooler fan of the processor then switch on the computer

    >> Check if the processor gets hot then it is good otherwise the problem occurs due to the processor.

    then after you need to change the processor.

    hope this instruction is helpful to you.

    Thank you......

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    Re: Windows XP PC restarts automatically after sometime

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say..................

    1.This can be the problem of you settings.

    2.So you go to the Control Panel and then click on 'Power Options'.

    3.Then you select the option 'Never' for 'Turn Off Hard Disks'.

    4.If still you have the problem then this can be the problem of your OS files.

    5.So you try to format your system and then install the Os again.

    6.If still you have the problem then this can be the problem of your Ram your Ram may be damaged.

    So try to fix those problems and your problem will be solved.

    Have a nice day..................................

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    savneybillford Array
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    Re: Windows XP PC restarts automatically after sometime

    dear guest,the problem that you are facing seems to be more of a software.. i doubt any involvement of hardware... best thing i can suggest is that you never should try to repair any hardware and leave it to professionals... however you can try re installing your operating system... if the same problem continuea then you better consult a professional... they may charge you minimal amount.. but they will sure heal and repair your pc...thank you...

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    Re: Windows XP PC restarts automatically after sometime

    Hello friend,

    1.First of all please go to the your cpu and open the cabnet,

    2.After this this disconnect the all wire and hard disk in your system and processor,

    3.Then please clean the all dust in the all wire and reconnect the all wire normally,

    4.Now plug in the power cable and turn on the your cpu,

    5.After this you use the normally,

    I hope this information use full to you,


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    Re: Windows XP PC restarts automatically after sometime

    Hello my dear Friend -------------

    I think the reason behind the issue is Virus Problem and You must avoid the Virus first

    For this you have to Download the latest version of the Anti virus software on the windows XP

    Then You can scan the system for viruses

    Or it may be issue with the hardware problem

    First you can make sure the Reason behind then Try to solve the Issue by follow the below steps

    <> Choose to select on the " Start " menu and then click on the " Properties "

    <> Now you can see a Window having the Number of tabs

    <> On which click on the " Advanced tab "

    <> Then " Start up Recovery " under the "settings "

    <> Finally disable the Option like " Automatic Restart on the system "

    Thus you can avoid the issue

    That is all

    Good luck

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    vampire Array
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    Re: Windows XP PC restarts automatically after sometime

    Hello My dear,

    Firstly You check out is your power cable properly placed or loosely Connected.

    If it is connected properly, then start your PC.

    Now check that is your PC is infected with virus.

    If so, Use good quality anti virus to remove the virus from your PC.

    Virus may harm your system files and hard disk as well.

    Avast, Quick Heal, Panda are good rated Anti Virus use them.

    If still this problem not fixed, Your OS may be corrupted.

    Install OS again in your system.

    ------------------------------------------ Thank You -----------------------------

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Windows XP PC restarts automatically after sometime

    The sudden reboot of the Windows XP might happen due to many reasons.There can be two basic reasons why such issues occur.A Software issue, and A Hardware issue.Software : 1. The system can be infected by virus. 2. The Windows XP can be damaged. 3. The Drivers can be damaged.For a fix try these,use a quality antivirus and thoroughly scan and clean the system from virus infection.From an Elevated Command Prompt, type sfc /scannow and press enter.let the sfc scan and fix systemic problems. Check if the problem is solved. If not,Insert the Windows Installer disk into Optical Drive and boot from it,click Install Now,click Repair The Windows,click Troubleshoot,click Autorepair, and let the installer fix every problem. This will solve the issue.For a hardware check consult a hardware engineer, he will check the memory , RAM and HDD with display card or CHIPSET and Processor with all Fans condition and determine the reason for the mishap and fix it.

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    Re: Windows XP PC restarts automatically after sometime

    hello friend

    follow this steps and find your solution....................

    1.friest you reconnect your ram after cleaning.

    2.please open your control panel and open power option.

    3.choose never option on turn off hard disks.

    4.if your will not solve please formate your os(c drive.

    5. this may possible any virus makes a problem.

    6.so please scan your pc by good quality anivirus.

    i hope my information is helpfull for you...................

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    Re: Windows XP PC restarts automatically after sometime

    Perfectly, it generally me your current obtaining sometimes quite a few electronics troubles or your Microsoft windows XP is definitely harmful that is certainly that are used for finding the trouble with your current PC. Initially, you'll want to shut down your laptop first. Then open this cabinet and examine the Random access memory and Random access memory slot. You'll want to eliminate the Random access memory from the slot machine and softly get rid of your airborne dirt and dust all-around it and put in it towards Random access memory slot. Then check the energy converter cables of your respective SMPS. If you locate nothing then you need to switch using the pc to determine wheather the particular sanme sort of challenge is going on or perhaps not. In the event you cannot find any problem then fine if not at this time there is some trouble with your current OS. anyone hve to forsmt your current PC by using innovative OS.

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    Re: Windows XP PC restarts automatically after sometime

    HI, Dear friend

    There are many of reasons involved ... in this perticular issue

    Which may

    1. power failure issues

    2. Hardware connections issues

    3. OS corrupted issue or ... other software related issue

    So, first of all check all the Power cables ...and connections about the PC ... an d make sure that there is no problem with the Power cables

    And also check whether the SMPS working properly or not .... and after verifying all the power connections ... try to follow these

    First of all insert the windows XP original CD in to the ROM and restart the PC

    Now press Delete key....and choose the Boot MENU >> Boot Option

    Then press F10 key to save the settings ....and next select OK button

    Then after the fresh restart press ENTER key to .........boot from CD ...

    And then follow the General procedure ...... and press the "R" Letter from the keyboard at this step that ....is

    And then follow the onscreen instructions ...... after that your problem will be solved

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Mohanbabu Array
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    Re: Windows XP PC restarts automatically after sometime


    Check your Ram and other Hard ware Connection..

    Just clean and insert and plug in all connections...

    Now check your system facing same issue..

    Check with out HDD ...

    If it's working fine issue with your OS or HDD..

    So Re install your OS and check it..

    Then it's working fine...

    Thank you..

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