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    Windows xp Restarts when I choose Shut down

    I have encountered an strange problem with my windows xp computer. When I choose Shut Down option, Instead of shut Down ,my computer Restarts automatically. I don’t know what went wrong but it would really help, if you can provide any possible solution.

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    Re: Windows xp Restarts when I choose Shut down

    It looks like 'Automatically restart' option is enabled on your computer, to disable this option go through the following steps
    --> Open Run prompt and type control press enter to open control panel
    --> You can open it by clicking Start> Control panel
    --> Switch it to Classic view
    --> Select Advanced tab
    --> Select Start up and recovery area click on Settings
    --> Uncheck Automatically restart check box
    --> Click OK> OK

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    Re: Windows xp Restarts when I choose Shut down

    Dear friend,

    I don't know the exact reason behind this as it is a very strange problem but i can suggest you some possible solutions for this :

    1 First is that you repair your Windows using Windows Xp bootable CD
    2 Second is ,, when you have to shutdown your computer goto Start>Run or press Ctrl+R
    and type the command,
    shutdown -s
    This command will execute the Shutdown.exe file that is present in your System32 folder, and is used in background by the shutdown button

    Take Care

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    Re: Windows xp Restarts when I choose Shut down

    dear friend,

    follow these steps to solve your problem-

    go to control panel.

    switch to classic view.

    now go to advanced tab.

    select settings button under start up & recovery option.

    uncheck automatic restart check box.

    now save changes to see the changes.

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    Re: Windows xp Restarts when I choose Shut down

    hello friend ....to fix this issue

    first restart your system

    then press F8 from the keyboard while it restarting

    then there is a menu will be displayed ...there you choose the disable the automatic boot option

    then your pc will restarted again.....then problem will be resolved

    if there is a same problem....you need to restore the pc

    for that first click on the start menu and choose the all programs

    and choose the accesrories >> system tools >> restore

    then select the option restore system to earlier stage..........then the process will start ..............ALL THE BEST

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