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    Windows Xp taking too much time to detect the combo drive

    When i start my windows XP computer, it takes something around 30 to 40 seconds just for detecting the combo drive before proceeding. When windows xp welcome screen appears,it takes some more time(another 4 minutes) to start windows.However the LED keep glowing during this process. What's wrong with it and how can i fix it?

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    Re: Windows Xp taking too much time to detect the combo drive

    It seems that loose data or power cable is causing this issue. To fix this issue,remove the cable and clean the area which is in contact. Use the brush for the same. Once done, run a thorough disk scan of your hard drive to fix any kind of software related issues with your hard drive. If you don't know the procedure for the same then Open "My Computer",right click on each drive and choose "Properties". Now click on "Tools" tab.Under the error checking,you will find the check now button so click on it. In the check disk window,select "Automatically fix file system errors" and "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" and start the disk checking process.It will fix your issue.
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    Re: Windows Xp taking too much time to detect the combo drive

    The situation might have occuered due to a number of reasons.

    You have a lot of programs installed and many of them are getting installed during startup.
    Remove startup programs and uninstall unimportant programs from your computer.

    Delete all unnecessary files from te system.

    Run Disk Cleanup utility from accessories--system tools, to clean junk files.

    Delete all temporary files from temp directory,

    Run Disk Defragmenter from accessories--system tools to dressup files and drive.

    Run antivirus to comprehensively clean the windows for better performance.

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    Re: Windows Xp taking too much time to detect the combo drive

    Hello My dear Friend ...

    I think the problem could be with the PSU or else the Motherboard

    And check the Warranty


    So even when you have a Problem with that you need to get Monitored

    And also once replace the Device

    And then put it Again


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    Re: Windows Xp taking too much time to detect the combo drive

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say....................

    1.Firstly check that some of your OS files may got corrupted or deleted accidentally.

    2.So you try to insert the OS CD in your computer and restart your computer.

    3.While starting press any key and it will take you to the installation wizard.

    4.Then you click on the option 'R' to get your system files to be repaired.

    5.Even if you cannot able to fix your problem then the problem is your system may be affected by any virus.

    6.So you try to delete all those affected files by scanning your system by using the best antivirus software.

    Have a nice day..................

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    Re: Windows Xp taking too much time to detect the combo drive

    To fix this issue follow these steps

    You can fix this issue by scan the hard disk this will find if there is any kind of software issue and it will fix it.To do that

    • Go to the home screen
    • Then select the My computer by clicking on it
    • Then choose the Properties option by right clicking on it
    • Now Locate the Tools tab and click on it
    • Then choose the option Check now under error checking
    • Then choose the option Automatically fix the system Errors
    • and also choose Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors
    • Then start the disk checking process
    Now your problem will be solved.

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