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    Windows XP won't work after installing McAfee antivirus

    My Windows xp professional facing a weird issue that is freezing after installing antivirus. I tried to recover issue by registry cleaners and other diagnostic utilities but couldn't succeed. Any suggestions!!

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Windows XP won't work after installing McAfee antivirus


    Seems you are encountering a problem of two softwares infringing over space in the memory.

    It happens with the Antivirus softwares often, that after installation a lot of programs tend to go slow , and even some halt to run.

    uninstall the Anti virus and try to boot , check the result. If Windows perform okay, install the Antivirus again, else Remove Antivirus and after backing up all your vital data ,Reinstall Windows once more.

    Later install anti virus.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Windows XP won't work after installing McAfee antivirus

    Dear Friend,

    It happens many a times that on installation of antivirus many of the programes looses their original speed to perform and even some programes may lead to the hault position.
    Don't woory, just uninstall your antivirus and also check if you have some empty space in your C drive as it is required for the OS to run smoothly.
    Now install a new antivirus and check again if your system hangs.
    If your C drive doesn't have much empty space then this ca n also be a reason for your system freeze.
    So empty tht space and then install a antivirus.
    Hope this will solve your problem.

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    VinodKKumar Array
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    Re: Windows XP won't work after installing McAfee antivirus

    Dear friend,

    It seems that you have installed more than one antivirus software. Before installing McAfee antivirus you should uninstall the previous antivirus software
    installed on your system. This is because the antivirus programs are not very much compatible with each other. This can happen with other anti-spyware
    programs or similar programs.
    If the problem is not solved, then you should boot your system in safe mode and then uninstall McAfee antivirus. Uninstall the antivirus again and
    configure it to have a boot times scan. this will remove the viruses conflictions if any


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    Satya Praveen Array
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    Re: Windows XP won't work after installing McAfee antivirus

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say............

    1.Your system may be already affected by virus.

    2.So when you installed the antivirus it became slow.

    3.If that is not your problem still you have the problem.

    4.Then you try to uninstall that antivirus from your system.

    5.If it is not uninstalling then you simply format your system to fix your problem.

    Have a nice day.............

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    vishal21bhadani Array
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    Re: Windows XP won't work after installing McAfee antivirus

    Hi Friend,

    This Might be problem Created by Mcfee Antivirus into your Windows Xp.

    >> It is also Possible that Any System File is Deleted by Antivirus and Now You Windows XP is not Working.

    >> So Just Remove the Mcfee Antivirus from Your System.

    >> After that Recover the System to Previous State.

    >> After that restart the System and Try to Work.

    I hope you will understand.

    All the Best

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Windows XP won't work after installing McAfee antivirus

    Hi dear friend.......... to resolve the above issue.............follow these

    First of all press windows key+r and type msconfig in the run box

    now press ENTER key from the keyboard............ then tap on GENERAL tab

    now choose SELECTIVE START UP and select USE ORIGINAL BOOT CONFIG and next tap on SERVICES tab.....and select HIDE ALL MICROSOFT Services option and click DISABLE ALL button and click OK

    then restart the PC..... and check it ...out now........and if the Same problem exists ...in the CLEAN BOOT also......then there is a problem with the OS.... otherwise the problem is ANTIVIRUS only

    If the OS is problem....... simply restore the windows settings ... or... Repair the Windows .....or Re-install the windows

    if the problem is ANTIVIRUS ..........case Uninstall the McAfee first from the control pane.........and also remove the Registry ...Entries from the Registry Editor

    and download the Another copy from the internet......and re-install it again...

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!

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