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    Wireless card access point for Windows.

    I have got a wireless card in my Windows system which is not in use now. I'm wondering if there is a way I can set up a permanent secure network connection on my computer so that other devices may also connect to it and make use of the internet wirelessly. Is this possible?

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    Re: Wireless card access point for Windows.

    You haven’t mentioned the type of card that you are using. If the wireless card is a Wi-Fi adapter it wouldn't work as a substitute Wi-Fi router. It is simply for connecting the desktop wirelessly to a Wi-Fi modem or a router in order to go online. The best option would be to get a a router which would offer a Wi-Fi access while still being hard wired to the desktop. The other portable devices as well as some gaming systems like WII (pronounced as wee) would be able to be connected by Wi-Fi. The type of connection you have used can make a difference since some of the routers are plugged into by USB while others have the host pc plugged in via the RJ-45 type Ethernet cable. Here a NIC card goes out to modem or can be plugged to the LinkSys router since both will see the hard wire plug in. The rest use Wi-Fi.

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