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    Wireless Internet not working with Panasonic notebook powered by windows

    Wireless Internet appears to be not working with Panasonic notebook powered by windows. Can you let me know the trouble shooting steps for fixing the issue?

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    Re: Wireless Internet not working with Panasonic notebook powered by windows

    Just FOLLOW these steps to troubleshoot:-
    -first go to control panel
    -then network and sharing
    -then go in network adapters
    -now first see that your adapter is shown there , IF not then install the adapter driver
    -if adapter is there then right click on this and go to properties
    -now in ip v4 give all ip and gateway settings and save this.
    NOW you wireless adapter must be working.
    IF you still found any problem then disable the adapter and re-enable it and then again try.

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    Re: Wireless Internet not working with Panasonic notebook powered by windows


    Well guys, I think I found the problem.

    You see, when you try to connect to the Panasonic Notebook, your computer probably can't detect DNS settings. So what happens here is when your computer trys to connect to a wireless or wired connection, it needs a ip address and a DNS server. Hope you can explore this cause as I did.

    The following is done on a computer that is connected to your wireless router by wire or wireless. This means it must have a connection to the router to work.

    @ Go to your command prompt. then type in ipconfig /all. It should show some specs. Notice that when you see your Ip address. Write down the following: Ip Address, Default Gateway, and both DNS servers.

    @ After you see these and write them down, go to your Network connections. You should see 1 or more connections. Pick the one that you connect to the internet with. Right click and press property. you should see a list of connections or devices. Pick the one that ends with TCP/pv4 or something like that. Then press propertys.

    @ Now here is where you get your paper. Click Use the following Ip address. Put in the Ip address, submask, and the gateway ip, or default gateway. Your submask should already type in after you put in your ip address.

    @ Finally it is DNS server time. Make sure you put it in correctly, or it will not connect.
    Put in the Perfered DNS Server
    Then put it Alternate DNS server

    @Press ok, then close. Wait and you should be connected.

    I Hope this helps.

    Thanks and Enjoy.
    Regards Libin

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    Re: Wireless Internet not working with Panasonic notebook powered by windows

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    Angry Re: Wireless Internet not working with Panasonic notebook powered by windows

    !! HI !!

    !! You need to troubleshoot this problem before that make sure whether its working or not !!

    !! Steps to find the issue !!

    !_! Go to Start->Run !_!

    !_! Type
    cmd and press enter !_!

    !_! Now the
    command prompt will appears !_!

    !_! Now type
    sc query wzcsvc and press Enter !_!

    !_! Now you can see this text
    "STATE : # RUNNING" and if you found then take a screenshot by pressing Alt+Print screen !_!

    !! Steps to Troubleshoot !!

    !_! Go to Start->Control Panel !_!

    !_! Click on
    Network and Internet Connections !_!

    !_! Click on
    Network Connections !_!

    Right-click on Wireless Network Connection and select Properties !_!

    !_! If you cannot found
    properties then the problem is in Driver installation !_!

    !_! If you can view
    properties and cannot found Wireless Network tab then the problem is the Drivers that do not support the wireless zero configuration service !_!

    !_! If you found both
    properties and Wireless Network tab then see the Drivers that do not support the wireless Network zero configuration service section to continue troubleshooting !_!

    !_! If the
    Authentication tab is missing in the Wireless Network Connection properties then make sure the wireless zero configuration service is running !_!

    870702A.JPG 870702B.JPG 870702C.JPG 870702D.JPG

    870702E.JPG 870702F.JPG 870702G.JPG 870702H.JPG

    !! Thank you !!

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