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    Wordpress not working correctly in Windows 8

    When I try to open Wordpress in Windows 8 desktop mode with IE10 all I see is a grey window with the my blogs, stats, and picture icon in white. When I click on any of the icons nothing happens. I have a working wordpress account but I am not able to log in. Is anybody else having the same problem?

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    Re: Wordpress not working correctly in Windows 8

    Word press is the software and application that can be used with the mobile so as to make the possible words while making a message or a text event.
    The wordpress application must be installed in the windows 8 mobile that is nokia lumia mobile and then have a lot of fun with this application.
    So you can go for the best application in the windows to make the messaging easier it is nothing but the T9 texting of letters in the messages of windows mobiles.
    You can search for the google wordpress to support for the desktop OS.

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