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    Wrong album information in Windows Media Player

    Whenever I try to rip a music CD with Windows Media Player on my PC running Windows Vista, it shows wrong album information. How can I fix up this issue with Windows Media Player?

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    Re: Wrong album information in Windows Media Player

    First of all, you should right click on the title bar of Windows Media Player and select ‘Options’ from the given items. You should then click on the ‘Privacy’ tab in the dialog box appearing on your screen. After that, you should select the check box located near ‘Update music files by retrieving media info from the Internet’ option. If the problem persists after performing all these steps, then you should clear the database of Windows Media Player. For that, you should first click on ‘Start’ option and then select ‘Run’. Then, you should type %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Media Player on the given space and click on ‘OK’ option. You should then select all the folders except those from CD and click on ‘delete’ option from the File menu. Finally, you should restart the Windows Media Player and check whether the issue has got solved or not.

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    Cool Re: Wrong album information in Windows Media Player

    &&& HI dude &&&

    Its very easy to solve this problem,

    • This error will occur because of album's wrong info.
    • Right-click on any one of the track and hit on Find album info.
    • See the info and clear the mistake and try it.your problem will be solved.

    &&& Thank you &&&

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    Re: Wrong album information in Windows Media Player

    Hello friend,
    I do not think it is the problem of the media player, if it is happening for one Audio CD. I think the files you are playing has wrong information added for it. If you are playing from a CD then changing the information means you will have to write that CD. Is your CD write permissible? If yes then only can you go for it. Also you need to keep in mind that you would require NERO software for this purpose. If NERO is there then you edit the album information for all the tracks that you play and you have a wrong information about and then go to NERO and open the CD and burn it with the new material that you have now.
    Let me also tell you here that to edit the album information you need to go to each track and play it. When you see the track in the right hand panel of your media player you will have an option called Find Album Info when you click on the track. If you click on this option you can check the album data.

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