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    Yahoo email is not responding in my Windows Mobile

    I am using Windows 7 Mobile. I use Yahoo Mail to send and receive mails. It has no problem and worked well for till now. Now, when I try to open Yahoo Mail, it is not responding. What might be the problem? Please, anyone help me in solving the problem.

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    Re: Yahoo email is not responding in my Windows Mobile

    May your yahoo mail app is corrupt due to any unexpected reason. So you should try
    repair it or install it again. You did not mentioned that which app you are using for it.
    You should uninstall the apps completely and after that install it again. Your problem
    will be solved.

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    Re: Yahoo email is not responding in my Windows Mobile

    The Yahoomail App which is inactive might have different reasons behind its current state.

    There could be virus infection in the app, spooky mails keep coming which carries virus and once it is clicked on the virus infects the system and files in it, Yahoo ,may be infected by that too.

    There can be defect in the Yahoomail App and which is failing to launch itself.

    Sometimes, installed AntiVirus program halts or stops operation of some programs, as Antiviruses consider some files as probable virus files. Try to deactivate Antivirus for the time being ( sure it is risky, but for experiment and for a short span ) and try running Yahoo.

    Uninstall Yahoo app and then reinstall it as last resort.

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