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    "You need permission to delete this item" on Windows 7

    I am the administrator to my computer and I am the only user to my machine but now when I try to delete any document or file on my machine I get the message "You need permission to delete this item", so tell me what should be done now in order to avoid this message whenever I delete any file?

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    Re: "You need permission to delete this item" on Windows 7

    Hi Friend,

    >> You are facing the problem of access rights in Windows 7.

    >> As you said that you are administrator of the system.

    >> So there must be problem related to Access rights in the folder.

    >> You have definitely removed the Your own rights from the security tab of the folder.

    >> So the only option is you have to start the system in safe mode.

    >> Shut down system.

    >> Now on Boot of OS Press F8 for start up option.

    >> Select Safe mode and then Delete Folder.

    I Hope you will understand.

    All The Best.

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    Re: "You need permission to delete this item" on Windows 7

    Try these steps:-

    # Right click on the folder you want to delete
    # click on properties
    # click on security tab
    # click on edit
    # check all the boxes to allow permissions
    # click ok
    # click ok again
    # now try to delete

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