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    Zooming issues with Acer laptop with Windows XP

    I have set the zoom to 150% in order to view the options clearly. But this corrupts the Google Chrome and Adobe Reader making it unusable. But there is no issue with Internet Explorer and Firefox. Please help me out to spot and fix the problem.

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    Re: Zooming issues with Acer laptop with Windows XP

    hi there,

    One thing top note here is that when you put your computer on a zoom mode, you intend to increase the text, title bar, scroll bar, status bar etc on a Window so that all windows appear bigger large and can be used with a little more ease. But, in a web browser, like Google Chrome, when all these things are changes, the browser intelligently adapts the page settings to match the settings of your zoom. But, unlike your computer settings, the webpage are downloaded in normal(100%), then needs to changed to match your personalized settings. This is done by the browser. But, being a very light browser(the reason it is faster than any other like IE or Firefox), this change in the resolution is sometimes out of the capability of the browser as this it is a resource consuming process. Same resolution problem is the case with adobe reader.

    All you need to do to solve, if applicable, is that you should increase the resolution to highest. If you have already set the computer to highest resolution, you can try to use computer at a lower zoom (125% recommended).

    Hope you get some benefit.

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    Re: Zooming issues with Acer laptop with Windows XP


    Friend there is nothing to worry about.

    As you mentioned that you have increased the font and the view size to 150%.

    Which makes you to use google chrome difficult.

    A simple solution to your problem.

    Open the google chrome and than pres "Control + -" key.

    The "-" key will decrease the font and view size while the "+" do the opposite.

    You can set the size as per your requirements.


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    Re: Zooming issues with Acer laptop with Windows XP

    dear friend,

    If you are using a laptop in zoom mode, actually you are zooming up all the appearances of an OS.

    Since the programming weight of Google chrome & Adobe reader is too low rather than internet explorer & Firefox,sometimes these may not support the zoom view.

    Because the pages are downloaded in the normal mode.

    To solve the problem you have to increase the screen resolution as well as decrease the zoom level.

    All the best.

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