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    Blue Screen Error: 0x00000003 while starting Windows Vista.

    My Windows Vista machine won't start forever. During its startup it stucks in between returning an error code 0x00000003 in a blue background. There is no other description about the cause for this error code. So tell me how should I proceed to fix this error code. Restarting n number of times couldn't get my home screen.

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    Re: Blue Screen Error: 0x00000003 while starting Windows Vista.

    HI my dear friend........to resolve the windows BSOD( BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH ) ...just follow my simple steps

    there are many type of reasons to arise the problem of BSOD..that is over heating, shutdown, RAM , memory dump.........etc

    To overcome this issue follow the given steps

    >> some times due to the RAM also this error will arises in that case .....remove the RAM clean it up and re-insert the
    RAM again and restart .......the if the problem is solved then OK other wise ....follow the given

    >> first restart your pc

    >> then press F8 key from the keyboard.....while it restarting

    >> then there is menu will be opened ......in that select SAFE MODE by using navigation keys

    >> If you are unable to login with the SAFE MODE ....then again restart the pc and press F8 and choose the option last known
    good configuration

    >> after the login....If you have already created ....the system Backup image or repair disc ...by using this options to
    restore your pc .....other wise go this way

    >> click the start menu and go to control panel and choose the system and security

    >> then click on the Backup and restore option

    >> after that click on the recover system settings or your computer option

    >> then click on the open system restore and click next

    >> then select the already created date and click NEXT

    >> then click on the FINISH .......then your resore process will start.....after completion of the process

    reboot your pc ......and your problem will be resolved....................ALL THE BEST

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