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    BSOD error code 0x000000F4 after windows updates in windows xp system

    Hi there, After doing the windows update in my windows xp sp2 system running on HCL system i straight away got BSOD with error code: 0x000000F4 with blue background. How can i overcome from this error issue, Any help on this issue??

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    Re: BSOD error code 0x000000F4 after windows updates in windows xp system

    1)The error code occurs when windows update MS10-015 detect abnormal conditions in certain OS configurations on your computer
    2)And the key reason for the error code, your computer might not be compatible with the Microsoft security update MS10-015.
    3)And another main reason behind your issue, might because of a computer virus that modifies some operating system files, which renders your infected incompatible with the MS10-015 update.
    4)If you try to install windows update MS10-015 at the time, your computer was under attack with some kind of malware, your system would restart repeatedly!
    5)To overcome from the issue, Update your antivirus protection database signatures like, Microsoft security essentials, other third party antivirus up to date. and update your system with the available updates on the windows update window
    7)For more help on the error issue, Follow below link
    MS Update support
    6)Retry to install the updates after cleaning malware, virus from your system
    That’s it over!

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