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    Cannot remove ask toolbar from Windows 7

    I am using Google Chrome as default browser on my PC upgraded to Windows 7. I tried to uninstall the ask toolbar in the system and a window start appearing on the screen after that which states that to close the browser. In what way can I uninstall the toolbar?

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    kumar12337 Array
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    Re: Cannot remove ask toolbar from Windows 7

    Hi dear friend...........to solve this issue.........follow the below guide lines

    fist of all press windows key+r and type appwiz.cpl in the run box

    now press ENTER Key ......... then select the program from the list and right click on it...choose uninstall optin

    and follow the instructions.....

    after that ... click on customize and control google chrome tab ....which is located at the top right corner of chrome

    then choose settings from the popup

    now click on extensions option from the left pane

    then delete the tool bar ....by clicking the DELETE symbol

    now click on settings option .....from the left pane......and change the startup type

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!

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    ghanathey swetha Array
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    Re: Cannot remove ask toolbar from Windows 7

    Firstly you need to check that there are no extensions installed that may be causing these changes. open chrome menu…settings…extensions…if you find any alien extension that you do not remember installing, then clear away the extension to see it was causing these changes. To disable, uncheck the "Enabled" checkbox next to the extension. To remove, over the extension until you see a trash can icon appear, and click on the icon. Now go to chrome settings…search..manage search engines..In the Default search settings box, make sure Ask.com is not selected as the default….

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    Re: Cannot remove ask toolbar from Windows 7

    The Ask Toolbar has been developed by the makers of the Ask Search engine to allow easier access to the search engine's search functionality. The toolbar is infamous for its inclusion in freeware applications

    The Ask Toolbar is usually selected for installation by default, which means that users need to disable it during the setup to avoid ending up with it.
    When installed, the Ask Toolbar adds not only the toolbar to Microsoft's Internet Explorer on the system but changes the home page setup in the browser and the default search provider as well. The homepage is set to the Ask search homepage, the search provider to Ask.

    Uninstalling the Ask Toolbar Manually

    1. Close Internet Explorer and Firefox if either web browser is open

    2. click on Control Panelthen click on programs


    3. Right click on Ask toolbar

    4. click uninstall in Pop-up Menu


    5. Follow the uninstallation dialog. The Ask Toolbar is removed from Windows and should not appear in the uninstall a program window once the process has completed fully

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    Re: Cannot remove ask toolbar from Windows 7

    Hello My Dear Dude ..

    How about you ??


    Kindly follow the below steps

    First of all you need to download the Recommended Anti-Malware Software

    After that you need to go to the Start menu

    Then go to the "" CONTROL PANEL ""

    After that " Add/Remove Programs " ...

    Then select the "ASK TOOLBAR "

    There you will see the Remove option ... Just click it

    That is it


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    adityaonline Array
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    Re: Cannot remove ask toolbar from Windows 7

    Dear friend you can uninstall the yahoo toolbar very easily using the add remove program.

    Just follow these steps to be able to do so.

    1. Goto control panel.

    2. Start add remove prgram.

    3. Right click the ask toolbar and click on the remove.

    4. But make sure you have not running any browser as the chrome , internet explorer, opera, firefox, etc.

    5. The toolbar will be removed within minutes.

    For further help contact me on my visitor massage.



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    kapil Array
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    Re: Cannot remove ask toolbar from Windows 7

    If you want to unable the toolbar.
    Then go in chrome setting option.
    There is it will option a box.
    Choose your default setting and enjoy it.
    Also if you want to remove toolbar.
    Then go in control panel>programme and feature.
    There choose your choice and uninstall it with doubl click.

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