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    Computer freezes at CLASSPNP.sys screen after booting in safe mode

    I have a computer with windows 7 ultimate(32 bit) installed. Some minor issues has occurred on it and several experts has advised me to always boot in safe mode. To do this,I configured the msconfig setting and made the set "safe in boot mode" as priority. Now when I start my computer, it enters into safe mode which is normal as well but after sometimes stucks at a screen which shows something like CLASSPNP.sys. I have already ased this question in many forums,blogs and website and some of experts suggested their methods as well but nothing worked till now.Now you are my last hope. What should I do to fix this issue without doing formatting the system.

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    Re: Computer freezes at CLASSPNP.sys screen after booting in safe mode


    I have FOUND the fix. It is entirely a hardware issue. After swapping many things out,

    it turns out that my Samsung Spinpoint F3 harddrive was the culprit. It somehow caused Windows 7

    to lockup at the Starting Windows screen probably because it was trying to access a bad sector.

    This would explain the intermittent nature of the problem. Faulty hardware like a harddrive will work if it accesses good data,

    but will throw you for a loop if something bad happens. I replaced it with a Western Digital hdd, and it works fine now.

    If anyone out there is experiencing this problem, check your hardware! Start with your harddrive.

    Replace it with one from another computer and see if it works.

    You could always run to your nearest computer store and buy one to test things out.

    NOTE:- It might not be a solution in all cases


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