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    Disk cleaner is not opening in Windows XP

    One of my friend had suggested me to use disk cleaner to run your pc in faster speed, then I was trying to open the disk cleaner then won’t open in my pc. I had used it in my pc early also perhaps. So why this time not? Some please solve this issue.

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    Re: Disk cleaner is not opening in Windows XP

    Regarding this query,,

    first, you can open your system with admin-user..

    then press windows icon + r.
    search option will be appear..
    then type "cmd" press OK..

    comment prompt will be open..
    you can press "" cd.. up-to your comment option will c:\>"..
    you can type the comment like "
    c:\windows\cleanmgr.exe /d <drive>
    where <drive> its the drive letter of the hard disk want to clean..

    it surely help you.

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