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    DVD in the Drive freezes in my Windows Vista System

    I inserted DVD in the DVD Drive and I see that it got freezed. I turned the System OFF and ON, but could not solve the problem. I tried to eject the DVD, but it is not solving the problem. I need to get the solution. Please, anyone help me in solving the problem.

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    Re: DVD in the Drive freezes in my Windows Vista System


    STEP 1: Shut down your System.
    STEP 2: Disconnect the DVD Drive of your System.
    STEP 3: Reboot the System without DVD Drive.
    STEP 4: Shut Down your System again.
    STEP 5: Reconnect the DVD Drive to the System Physically.
    STEP 6: Reboot the System again with the DVD Drive.
    STEP 7: Now check the Device Status and try to insert and eject DVD from the DVD Drive, your problem is solved.
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    Re: DVD in the Drive freezes in my Windows Vista System

    There may be a connection issue with the DVD drive in your computer.

    It is necessary to uninstall the DVD drive from the computer, to check the power cable and connector.

    Also it is necessary to check the data cable and connector, Removing and reinserting those connectors and later reinstalling the drive in the computer should solve the issue, provided all peripherals and the DVD drive is in good shape.

    If the drive is sensing but not working, try to uninstall tye windows device driver for the DVD drive, then download the latest and install in windows can solve the issue.

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    Re: DVD in the Drive freezes in my Windows Vista System

    I tried the above mentioned steps and I doubt if it made any difference. The driver for the DVD drive is still the same after following the above steps.

    However, a few changes since I posted this message:

    1) I am connected to a DELL monitor via an HDMI cable.
    2) Win7 informed that there was an HDMI update from DELL which I installed.

    I also assumed that the HDMI cable itself was probably not the right version and I got a 1.3b spec cable. I assumed that these
    problems would have fixed the issue and until today, I managed to play DVD's a few times. Today, however, while watching
    video on the web browser, the computer suddenly hung and I had to force a hard reset. This is extremely frustrating with such
    a brand spanking new machine.

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    Re: DVD in the Drive freezes in my Windows Vista System


    To solve that problem you can try these steps....

    ====>Right click on My computer icon.
    ====>Click on Manage option.
    ====>Under the Computer Management window click on Device Manger.
    ====>Here you will see the all installed hardware as in list under the Device Manager window.
    ====>Find CD/DVD-ROM Drives and click on arrow just next to it.
    ====>After clicking you will see the CD/DVD-ROM Drives driver.
    ====>Right click on it and click Update driver software.....
    ====>After following few steps your CD/DVD-ROM Drives driver software will update successfully.
    ====>After updating of driver software your problem will be solve.

    Try this hope this will help you.....

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    Re: DVD in the Drive freezes in my Windows Vista System

    Hello friend,

    I have the solution for your problem just do as i say...........

    1.Firstly check the power connection of your DVD drive is right or not.

    2.Then you also check that your DVD is working finely or not.

    3.you can check it by connecting your DVD to another computer.

    4.If there is no problem with the hardware then the problem is with the DVD drivers.

    5.So you go to the desktop make a right click on 'My Computer' and click on 'Manage'.

    6.Then you click on the option 'Disk Management' and open the properties 'DVD-CD\ROM Drivers'.

    7.And go to the 'drivers' tab and click on 'Update driver' to update it.

    8.Even your problem is not solved then your problem is the virus which affected your computer.

    That's it by doing as i said you problem will be solved.

    Have a nice day..............

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    Re: DVD in the Drive freezes in my Windows Vista System


    Well, to sort out the DVD drive issue you have to follow the following steps,

    1. Shut down your computer.
    2. Remove your DVD drive from the cabinet.
    3. Check the power and data cables of DVD drive.
    4. Insert the DVD drive to CPU.
    5. Then insert the power and data cable to DVD drive.
    6. Turn on your PC.
    7. Check wheather DVD is working properly or not.
    8. If problem is still there then contact the service centre of your DVD maker.


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    Re: DVD in the Drive freezes in my Windows Vista System

    Hi Friend,
    Don't Worry,

    First Shutdown System-->
    Remove DVD Drive Disk-->
    Reboot The System-->
    Insert DVD Drive to System-->
    Reboot The System Now-->
    Problem will Solve.

    Still you may Facing Problem it is Physical Damage or Cables Damage Problem So you Can Contact The System Care Center.

    Thank you.,

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    Re: DVD in the Drive freezes in my Windows Vista System

    Effectively, to sort out a DVD drive matter you should observe the examples below ways,

    Turned off the computer.
    Remove the DVD drive in the cabinet.
    Examine the power as well as files wires with DVD drive.
    Put a DVD drive to be able to CPU.
    Then insert the power as well as files wire to be able to DVD drive.
    Move in your PC.
    Examine wheather DVD is definitely in working order or not.
    In case issue is still there then contact a service middle of one's DVD maker.

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    Re: DVD in the Drive freezes in my Windows Vista System

    Hello Friend...

    your this problem not a big problem. i give you technical solution to solve this problem.

    Follow this steps to solve out problem..

    Firstly you need to Safety pin only then solve your problem.

    Firstly you press the DVD writer button whose you use to open the DVD Writer.

    You also see the small hole in the side of DVD writer then put the Safety Pin in this hole at the time of that DVD writer is open the push it.

    Now you find Your DVD writer is open then you Freezes DVD appeared.

    Finally you problem is solved out!!

    All the Best!!

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    Re: DVD in the Drive freezes in my Windows Vista System

    Hi, Dear friend

    There are many reasons involved behind this issue ... are

    It may cause by the Dust

    Power cable problems

    Device Driver issues ..........or any other hardware related issues

    So, first of all check whether the Drive light blinking or not ... when the you press EJECT button

    And if not there is a problem with the POWER CABLES ...in that case turn off the PC ..and check the Power cables and ..... get the solution

    Otherwise ... Repair or Re-install the drivers that is go to ...run and type devmgmt.msc and click OK

    then Expand DVD CD ROM DRIVES ...and choose your device and right click ON it .....and choose UNINSTALL button......and follow the screen instructions

    After that insert the DVD ROM Companion Disk ...and re-install the Drivers to check if it helps

    and Some times it may ......cause by the DVD drive Motors also.......that there are 2-motors are available for EJECTION ... whenever they are damaged cases also it behaves like that

    So, if you have any knowledge about the ..Hardware ..simply remove it and check them ....And remember that ...LENSES of the DRIVE are very sensitive ......So, if you have knowledge about the drive ....then check it otherwise ... try to cantact any service center and repair it

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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