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    Error: 0x00000001 before Windows XP Shutdowns

    My Windows XP machine giving an Error code 0x00000001 before it turns off. I mean whenever I shutdown my machine just before the screen turns off it shows this error code for a minute or around and then turns off completely. This mean some program has problem internally and not allowing to stop all process. Please provide a fix.

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    Re: Error: 0x00000001 before Windows XP Shutdowns

    This STOP error code means to the error APC_INDEX_MISMATCH ,
    which may be due to a kernel-level application that has created a mismatch of thread and asynchronous procedure calls (APC) indexes.

    This is probably due to a file system mismatch , allowing the software to run at this point and also corrupt or damage the system.

    IT mat be due the computer transitions into to sleep mode repeatedly .

    Click on Start->Control Panel->System and Maintenance->Problem Reports and Solutions. This facility searches online for device driver updates and solutions to problems caused by external hardware or software.

    Ang if the error appears repeatedly , try to re - install the OS.

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