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    Error: 0xFE89B870 while installing Windows Vista on Windows XP System.

    I have windows vista installation DVD which I have bought from my friend who is currently using vista, but when I insert the DVD on my Windows XP system I get the error code: 0xFE89B870 without any useful info. Please help me what should I do now in order to fix this error code and proceed to install the windows vista?

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    VinodKKumar Array
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    Re: Error: 0xFE89B870 while installing Windows Vista on Windows XP System.

    Dear friend,

    First I’d like to point out the serious mistake you have committed. You are saying that you have bought Windows Vista installation DVD from your friend. A window disk is provided with a only one genuine key and your friend have already used it. So if you go for registering your window with that key it won’t go to be successful. If you want to buy Windows Vista you can also go online, do payment, and they will provide you a genuine key ignoring from where you have get that Windows Vista installation disk. You should check that your current Windows XP system is compatible with new Windows Vista before purchasing.

    Second, if you want to take full advantage of Windows Vista that instead of upgrading Windows XP system with Windows Vista you should go for a clean install of Windows Vista. And this will also solve your problem. If you’re worried about the loss of files on your current system, you can make a backup of them and can transfer them to your newly installed Windows Vista operating system without any problem.


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    Re: Error: 0xFE89B870 while installing Windows Vista on Windows XP System.

    Hi dear friend...........to solve the above error follow the below instructions

    first of all verify the disk whether it is working properly or not

    and after that go to my computer and right click on HOME DRIVE that is usually C; drive and choose properties

    now tap on tools tab .....and click on Error checking button........then click START button.........after that the process begins........and it will fix ......the bad sector of Hard disk

    after that click start button and right click on RUN and choose run as administrator option

    and after enter your username and password and click OK

    then type the below commands ........and press ENTER key of Each command


    after that insert the DVD in to the ROM and restart the PC

    now press DELETE key....... and choose the Boot menu > boot option

    after that follow the onscreen instructions.....

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!

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