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    Error code 80080005 when trying to run Windows Live Messenger

    I wanted to use the Windows Live Messenger and when I try to log in with my msn account it just simply gives the error code 8008005. What should be done for this problem? Can someone please give me the steps which need to be followed for the same? Waiting to get the answer as soon as possible as I am not able to use the application now.

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    Re: Error code 80080005 when trying to run Windows Live Messenger

    Hello friend...

    If you get this error code 80080005 then there is a 94% chance that your computer has registry problems.

    To repair this error follow the three steps given below:

    ->Download a perfect optimizer, install this error repair tool.

    Here there is a link to download the perfect optimizer: http://www.errorremovers.com/tidporp...5_error-zz0001

    ->Click the repair all button. It will scan your pc.

    ->And again click the repair all button and now its done. You are free form the error 80080005.

    Hope this may help full to you...

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