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    "Error: ialmrnt5 display driver corrupted." on Windows XP startup

    My Windows XP computer giving error messages during its startup and the last error message which I have observed is "Error: ialmrnt5 display driver corrupted.", though it gives the error message but everything seems to work fine without any issues. But we can't take chance so tell me How do I fix it?

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    Re: "Error: ialmrnt5 display driver corrupted." on Windows XP startup

    Hi, Dear friend

    It might be the issue with you Display drivers.....

    And to fix this error .... follow these .......first of all press windows key+R

    Now type devmgmt.msc and click OK

    then expand DISPLAY ADAPTERS option ....And right click on GRAPHIC Device .. and choose UNINSTALL option ...and follow screen instructions

    After that RESTART the PC .....then insert the MOTHER BOARD UTILITY CD in to the ROM

    Then install DISPLAY DRIVERS again .......after that it will be solved

    THANK YOU@@@@@@@@@@@

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