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    Error: "system.dat file is Corrupted or Missing" on Windows XP System?

    My windows XP system is not at all starting and instead of starting it is returning an error message saying that "system.dat file is missing or corrupted". I have searched in many sites to find a solution but I couldn't fix it. What should be actually done now to fix this error message? Hope you respond soon.

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    Re: Error: "system.dat file is Corrupted or Missing" on Windows XP System?

    You can open another "hive" with regedit.
    1. Start regedit.
    2. Select the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE root key.
    3. Go to the menu "File->Load Hive..."
    4. Choose the DAT file for the registry you wish to edit.
    5. You will be prompted for a name to load the hive into. The name does not matter. It just loads the registry hive into a subfolder using the name you provide.
    6. You can then edit the registry you just loaded in the same manner as any other registry. All changes are made in real time, just as normal.
    7. When you're done, go to the menu "File->Unload Hive..."

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    Re: Error: "system.dat file is Corrupted or Missing" on Windows XP System?

    Hi dear friend..................to solve this issue follow the below guide lines

    first of all restart the PC.....then press F8 key while it restarting up

    now choose SAFE MODE option .....and login in to windows

    now click the start button............and go to all programs

    now point Accessories>> system tools

    after that click on RECOVERY ...option....and click NEXT

    then choose Restore system to earlier state option ( if you already create the restore point )

    Other wise choose create restore point option and continue the process

    and then follow the onscreen instructions.........

    And if you are unable to get the SAFE MODE option

    simply insert the windows xp CD in to the ROM and restart the PC

    then and press DELETE key to select the boot

    and move on to the process .....after selecting the Language option

    in the next step press R key for the repair that is observe the below image
    repair-windows1.jpg and then follow the onscreen instructions........

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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