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    Files on external drive changed to shortcuts

    I am on windows 7 and currently facing a weird issue. I don't know exactly what but something has changed my folder's setting due to which,files and folders on my external hard drive has changed into shortcuts. Now i am not able to access these contents.I want to get my folders back. I am using toshiba.

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    Re: Files on external drive changed to shortcuts

    Generally this kind of problem is created by a program called "CIEUHU.EXE".To get rid of this issue,go to control panel>>Folder options>>Views>>select "Show hidden files and folders">>Uncheck "Hide Protected Operating system files(recommended)". Finally click on "Apply" and Ok. Then go to your external hard drive, it will show all of your folders along with hidden virus infected files. Just delete all folders which doesn't have any content. Now create a new folder and copy all data from hidden folder to this newly created folder. Once done, delete all data in hidden folders.After that open task manager. Find a program that is still running.You will find the name of program just deleted by you.Simply right click on it and click on open file location.Finally delete it.
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    Re: Files on external drive changed to shortcuts

    Dear guest,

    You say that your folders in the external disk drive have turned to shortcuts. You won't be surprised if I say that even I had faced a similar problem when I once used my external drive on my system.
    Kindly try to remember the last time you were able to get proper files and folders. And after that findout if you had inserted your external disk to any other system. May be your friends or so....

    yes? Then guest you have something called as recycler virus. This is a Trojan. It affects your system used external disk drives. Once you connect your infected drive it installs or copies itself to the entire system and stores malware in the core of your system files. After that if you insert a pendrive or any other drive then I believe that the virus will of purse replicate itself and get copied to the other drive. So be careful when you do that and don't hand your external drive to anyone.

    To solve this all you have to do is get an anti virus. I would suggest you get Kaspersky antivirus. Then update it and scan your system thoroughly.. This will remove the virus from its roots. Even if the virus goes undetected during the scan the antivirus will get it once it starts doing anything that is not normal. Scaning your external disk will render your files usable..

    Thank you..

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    Re: Files on external drive changed to shortcuts

    Hi dear friend.............this is the problem about the VIRUS....

    if there is virus ..in the system or Drive ........then automatically folder turns in to unwanted shortcuts

    and to solve this type of problem.....simply install the Good updated antivirus

    and SCAN the external Hard Drive..... after that delete all the infected files

    now delete the unwanted shortcuts...from the DRIVE

    after that your problem will be RESOLVED..............ALL THE BEST

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