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    Fix for the error “Hal.dll “ File Missing in Windows 8?

    I installed Windows 8 recently and it worked for few days. Later, whenever I start my System, before it completely start Windows., it shows as missing file “Hal.dll”. What might be the Problem? How to fix it?

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    Re: Fix for the error “Hal.dll “ File Missing in Windows 8?

    It occurs due to the file might be corrupted or deleted. Sometimes, it might be due to damage in hard drive, but it is very rare. Once restart your Computer and check the boot sequence in the BIOS. It should list the hard drive other than which is used by the installed copy of Windows. Once go for a startup repair to fix small fixes which we cannot identify. If you are sure that your hard drive is physically working and no damage in it. Be sure that, you should do all software troubleshooting. If still does not fix the Error, then only way to get rid off the Error is going for Clean Install of Windows 8 again in your System.
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    Re: Fix for the error “Hal.dll “ File Missing in Windows 8?


    The .DLL files are possibly the most important files those contains data for the WIndows to operate.

    Once Hal.dll file is fond missing , reasons for which may vary from a damaged HDD media to corrupted file in Windows, the Windows will stop working.

    So it is essential to fix the problem by delivering Hal.dll from outside once more, but a simple copy / paste will not do as these files need to be installed in order to be active.

    So Insert the Windows Cd in optical drive and select "repair" to try if it works.

    If not go for a fresh installation.


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