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    Fix for HP Mini 110 Windows startup error?

    Just got the Windows 7 OS installed in my HP Mini 110 notebook and now when I try to boot up the system I get the error message as “Windows startup error”. What can be done for this problem? Is anyone faced this issue? Kindly give me the information regarding this. Thanks.

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Fix for HP Mini 110 Windows startup error?

    Have you checked the compatibility of Windows7 with HP mini ?

    Windows 7 is a resource hungry operating system and need high specification devices to be installed.

    If you have checked and found Windows7 to be fit to run on netbook, you will possibly need to look at the startup which may have programs that is creating problems during the startup process.

    If you can boot in safe mode ( press F8 multiple times during booting beginning),
    click START, in the search box type Run, click Run and in the resultant box type msconfig and press enter.
    uncheck the boxes adjoining the programs selected to load at the startupto disable them and stop them from loading during startup. This should help.

    Failing to the process think about reinstalling Windows7 but not in Custom Setting which need more space.

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    Re: Fix for HP Mini 110 Windows startup error?


    you have problem with your windows OS so you can solve this using this ..

    >> you have to check your OS cd it may have some problem to burn or

    >> it may have some file corruption..

    >> or you can install this OS with pen drive also this windows 7 can done simply using pendrive.

    >> just copy all the fileof your windows7 's cd in pendrive and boot usb.

    >> like this you can solve your problem .

    i hope this will help you to.

    all the best

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    Re: Fix for HP Mini 110 Windows startup error?

    Hi dear friend.............to overcome the startup error follow the below steps

    First restart the PC and press F8 key while it starting up

    now choose SAFE MODE option from the menu

    then press windows key+r and type Rstrui in the run box

    now press ENTER key from the keyboard and choose recommended restore option

    then after click on FINISH button.......to follow the onscreen instructions

    and if you are unable to solve the issue with the ABOVE lines simply insert the media( dvd or pendrive )

    then restart the PC again......... and select boot

    after selecting the language options......... click on REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER option
    windows-7-repair-your-computer.jpg and follow the onscreen instructions

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!

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    Re: Fix for HP Mini 110 Windows startup error?

    Dear friend,

    To resolve this issue you have to do Windows 7 Startup repair by proceeding as follows:
    1. Put your Windows 7 installation disk in the DVD-ROM drive. If the notebook doesn’t have CD-ROM or DVD-ROM drive then you can use external USB CD/DVD-ROM drive
    2. Restart your machine. Press Enter key to boot from the DVD
    3. Configure language and location options in Window 7 Startup screen.
    4. Click on the Repair your computer option in the next coming screen.

    5. In the "System Recovery Options" window click on "Next".
    6. This automatic repair process will take some time. Wait until the process is completed.

    Your device restarts after completion automatically.


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