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    Getting bad image error in Windows 7

    Good evening,when i try to open any application which require support of graphics i am getting an error pop up bad image error which then not able to goes after closing it for certain times whenever i close it it reopen how to resolve it.

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    Re: Getting bad image error in Windows 7

    Why Bad Image Error Comes

    * Bad Image Error mainly comes due to viruses in pc and they are making loss to dll files of your computer

    * It also fails your antivirus programs when you scan your
    pc for virus it does show any detected virus in your computer

    * System restore fails

    Solution To fix Bad image error

    1. First Backup all your files and folders on some external
    Hard disk

    2. Then Press windowskey + r key combination

    3. It shows Run Dialog Box

    4. IN Run Dialog Box type in "sfc /scannow" and hit enter

    5. It will scan for viruses

    6. It problems found Now repair these problem files

    7. After scanning it is possible that your antivirus will detect the viruses now

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