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    Getting error “system32\drivers\pci.sys is missing or corrupt” in Windows XP

    I am using a old PC which is powered by windows xp. everything was running fine until my computer decided to restart itself. It was then that my computer wouldn't load Windows for some reason, so I assumed it was an overheating issue. Later on, I started again, that time I got this error message "system32\drivers\pci.sys is missing or corrupt". I tried to solve this error once I found this message but I was unable to do anything. What is this error mean and what are the steps I need to take in order to solve this issue.

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    Re: Getting error “system32\drivers\pci.sys is missing or corrupt” in Windows XP

    The error shows that the user account has been set disable.Follow the steps below:-

    1.Got to Start->Run
    2.Type compmgmt.msc and press Enter
    3.Double-click on Local users and Groups Folder
    4.Double-click on USers.
    5.You will see the user name with red cross which tells you that it set disable
    6.Double-click on that user name and unclear the ticked checkbox
    7.Logout and then Restart the computer.
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    Re: Getting error “system32\drivers\pci.sys is missing or corrupt” in Windows XP


    Its a system file failure and a major negative to run the system without.

    You can try a system edit to correct by using compmgmt.msc file and select "Local users and Groups" then manipulate "Users", it is the Microsofts own provision to tackle such problems you are encountering.

    Again you can copy the pci.sys from a source you can access and paste the file to the directory system32\drivers\ , and possibly get a positive response.


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