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    Getting an Error 0x80070035 while trying to access another computer on Network

    Hello everybody. I am new to this forum and posting my query for the first time in this forum. Actually, I have three computers on the private home network. One has windows vista and the other two has windows 7 Professional. All computers are using Norton Security suite for protection. Network discovery is turned on as well but I am still not able to ping the IP address of another computer. Whenever I try to open the shared folder, I get an error message similar to "..Windows sent the request to the DNS server and the server responded that the name was unknown" with an error code 0x80070035. Is there any fix for this?

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    Re: Getting an Error 0x80070035 while trying to access another computer on Network

    Try to ping the computers by using their IP address and name. If it doesn't help, enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP on both computers. The steps for the same are given below:
    1. Click on Start button and navigate to “Control Panel>>Network Connections”.
    2. Right-Click on the connection and choose "Properties".
    3. After that, find "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) Version 4" in the list.
    4. Once done, Click on "Properties" and then on "Advanced".
    5. On the Advanced TCP/IP settings windows, Click on “WINS” tab.
    6. Click on option which says "Enable NetBios over TCP/IP". You will find this option under "NetBIOS Setting". Once done, Click on "Ok" for saving your changes.
    7. Also make sure that the firewall on both computers is set to enable "File and Printer Sharing" otherwise you can face problem.
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    Re: Getting an Error 0x80070035 while trying to access another computer on Network

    To solve this problem follow these steps
    To solve this problem first of all make sure that the firewall on both computer is set to enable File and Printer sharing option.
    To enable this option
    go to the control panel> network and Internet>Network and sharing center>Turn on network discovery>Apply
    expand sharing section and turn on network sharing.

    • Go to the control panel from the start menu
    • Then select the Network Connections and right click on it
    • Now choose the properties option
    • Then locate the TCP/IP Version 4 in the list
    • Now choose Properties option
    • Then choose Advanced and navigate to the NetBIOS settings
    • Now choose the option Enable Netbios over TCP/IP
    • Then click on OK

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    Re: Getting an Error 0x80070035 while trying to access another computer on Network

    Seek to ping your pc's by using their IP address and also name. Whether or not this doesn't help, allow NetBIOS in excess of TCP/IP for both computers. The measures for a similar get down below:
    Click on Commence press button and also find their way in order to “Manage Panel>>System Connections&rdquo ;.
    Right-Click on the bond and choose "Components ".
    Following that, obtain "World wide web Project (TCP/IP) Model 4" inside the list.
    Once accomplished, Click on "Components" and also then on "Superior ".
    Within the Superior TCP/IP configuration settings home windows, Click on “WINS” tab.
    Click on alternative which will states "Permit NetBios in excess of TCP/IP ".You can find this program underneath "NetBIOS Placing ".Once accomplished, Click on "Acceptable" for saving ones changes.
    Likewise guarantee that your plan for both pc's is defined make it possible for "Submit and also Printer Sharing" or you will may confront issue

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