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    Getting an Error code ‘0x00000006’ when giving command to print

    I am using Lexmark x6100 printer on my Windows 7 pc. There is nothing issue in printer but when giving command to print then getting an error code as mentioned above. Can anyone tell me why i am getting this and how to fix this issue? Need help!!

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Getting an Error code ‘0x00000006’ when giving command to print


    The reason of occurence of the code "0x00000006" can be different in case of different installed drivers.
    It is a generic failure. In such failures you can try to use an MS inbox driver, Windows own driver, from the same series.
    The functionality can be affected but you will be able to print which is the prime job.
    The basic functiobality will available as and when needed.
    Also your hardware vendor`s site should be visited to find out wich ms inbox (Windows) printer driver works properly with your printer .Also you can download a fresh copy of the driver from the manufacturers site and install if available.


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    Abhishek Mishra Array
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    Re: Getting an Error code ‘0x00000006’ when giving command to print

    Click on start and then in search bar type printer management.

    Now Printer management option will appear.

    on the left corner click on all Printers.. now select your Printer driver and right click on it and select delete.

    now click start button and type add Printer in search bar and open Add printer program that appear.

    click next to add a new printer in add printer menu.

    select the port type to configure the printer and hit next now select the type of printer from the list of manufactures.

    click next and follow the instructions.

    Make sure to insert printer cable in the same COM port after configuring the port for printer.

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