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    Getting IP Conflict Error on Windows Vista

    When I connect my PC running on Windows Vista to internet, I keep getting the error message saying “Another computer on this network has the same IP address as this computer. Contact you network administrator for help resolving this issue. More details are available in the Windows System event”. It is not possible to remove the error message even after changing the internet services. What are the steps for resolving this error?

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    Re: Getting IP Conflict Error on Windows Vista

    First of all, press the ‘Start’ button and type cmd into the search box before pressing the ‘Enter’ key. Type ipconfig /all into the command prompt appearing on the screen. Press the ‘Enter’ key afterwards and wait until you can view the Windows TCP/IP settings for all network adapters. After that, type ipconfig /release into the Command Prompt and hit the ‘Enter’ key to display the current IP address. Then, enter ipconfig /renew command and press the ‘Enter’ key. This will renew the DHCP configuration for all adapters. If you want to renew the IP address of a single adapter, then type the name of adapter after typing ipconfig into the command prompt. Finally, check whether you are getting the IP Conflict error again.

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    Re: Getting IP Conflict Error on Windows Vista

    Hi my dear friend.............

    IP Conflict error means that you can give same ip address on the network,it's shows ip conflict.............

    First of all you can check network adapter settings............

    Go to control panel/click on the network sharing center/check your adapter settings/network properties/check your TCP\IPv4 address/adjust the ip address

    give the proper ip address......

    once check your DHCP service.............

    Thank you...............All the best..............

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    Re: Getting IP Conflict Error on Windows Vista

    hey friend ,

    If you are getting ip conflict means you are having issue on you network related to ip.
    So follow these steps:-

    -go to control panel
    -now go to network and sharing.
    -go to network adapters.
    -now select the network adapter and right click on it.
    -now go to properties.
    -go to ipv4
    -now select the auto configuration.
    IT will get the new fresh ip from your router nd no ip conflict will occur.

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    Re: Getting IP Conflict Error on Windows Vista

    Dear friends.

    IP Conflict: IP conflict means if we assign the same ip address to two different systems.

    For Solving this problem Change Ip address To that systems..

    For changing follow steps..

    Right click on Task Bar Icon Click on Network and Sharing Center..

    Now Click on Local Area Network..

    Now chose Ipv4 or IPv6..

    Then change IP address..

    I hope it will help you.

    Thank you and All the best.

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    Re: Getting IP Conflict Error on Windows Vista

    hi dear friend...........there may be a problem in your IP address

    first check the entered ip address is correct or not

    for that ....first click the start menu and open the RUN or press windows key+r combination from the keyboard

    then type in the run as ncpa.cpl and press ENTER key from the keyboard

    then a window will be opened in that window right click on the network adapter and choose the properties

    then choose the internet protocol version 4

    and click on the properties.......and there you check the IP address

    if you gets the problem again .......

    then contact your service provider once.....


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