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    Halo 2 startup error in Windows Vista

    Just got the Halo 2 game installed in my Windows Vista system and now I am getting the startup error where it says “The procedure entry point CreateProcessWithTokenW could not be located in the dynamic link library ADVAPI32.dll”. What might be the issue now? How can it be resolved?

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    Re: Halo 2 startup error in Windows Vista

    HELLO ,

    This Error Seems to be related to your GPU..type "DXDIAG" in Run>>Click on Display

    & Make sure all the Options are Enabled..in case it doesnt works Follow the below Instructions

    Well, Follow the below Instructions to Resolve game Error

    1..Empty some space in C: drive

    2..Install latest Video Drivers for your graphic card

    3..Install http://www.iobit.com /Products‎ a software called Game Booster to boost the performance.

    4..close all applications before starting the game.Check If your GPU meets minimum Game Specs

    5..Also check the recommended specs of the game you are playing.

    These are the Recommended specs Of HALO 2:-

    OS - Windows Vista

    Processor - 2 GHz

    Memory - 1 GB RAM, 7GB Hard Drive Space

    Video Card - NVIDIA 6100, ATI X7000 or Above


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    Re: Halo 2 startup error in Windows Vista

    The game, Halo 2, is a Graphics Intensive game, which requires higher specification of hardware for playing it.First of all , assuming you have verified the system requirments and your system conform to that,Uninstall Halo2 from your computer,start--control panel--programs--halo2--uninstall, is how to do it.Download another copy of Halo2, or use Halo2 disk again and install the game.If the installation is successfull and seamless, all .dll files will be installed and there should be no issue further.Check the Halo2 source file, wheather it has any error in it or not, and check the storage media too.

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