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    Method to make Windows 7 recognize Sony Digital8 Camcorder?

    I have already installed the drivers of Sony Digital8 Camcorder from Sony Support web portal on my Windows 7 machine, but when I connect the Sony Digital8 Camcorder nothing is shown on the screen. It not even shows any error message, how do I trace the problem here? Installed latest drivers of the camcorder but no use. Please help me what can be done now?

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    Re: Method to make Windows 7 recognize Sony Digital8 Camcorder?

    It was correct on your part to install Driver for the Camcorder and it is required too.But when the Camcorder is not recognized by the Windows 7, the reason must be in connectivity.Click Start--Control Panel--System And Security--Device Manager--Universal Serial Bus Controller--Driver--Uninstall, This will remove the USB driver which may have issues.Click Update Driver,and download and install latest Windows 7 compatible driver from Microsoft.Reboot and connect. If there is no issue in the Cable and Connector, the camcorder will be recognized and functional.Try it.

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