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    Not able to connect with Internet via Wireless Network on Windows 7

    I am unable to connect with internet via Wireless network on windows 7. Getting an error message unknown network although wireless network having good reception. Using Acer laptop. Is there anyone, who can solve the issue soon to me? Need help!!

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    mohan123 Array
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    Re: Not able to connect with Internet via Wireless Network on Windows 7

    Hii friends... Solution for this problem follow these steps...

    You need to be on PPPoE mode.In this you can connect with out a dialer. Simply switching on the modem will establish the connection too internet...

    To Do...

    Configure your modem in PPPoE...

    Enable DHCP in your modem...

    In the Tcp\Ip properties of your connection (all machines),set "Obtain IP address automatically".

    If still facing the problem...

    Disable any encryption used for wifi and check...

    Make sure that the MAC filter in "wire less" page of modem is Off...

    Problem exists...

    Assign the static ip tomachines and check...

    Mention modem - model and make....

    Strat> Run> Command Prompt> type there IP config/all... for all source IP addresses....

    After completion login with Username and Password ...

    Thank you and All the best...

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    Re: Not able to connect with Internet via Wireless Network on Windows 7


    This could be because of a security update; the DNS (Domain Name System) settings may be corrupted. As the system was able to connect to the internet 4 days ago, you can try to run a ‘System restore’ to a known good date when the internet was last working and then perform the Windows update and the MacAfee update. Please use the link below, which explains how to perform a system restore in Windows 7.
    For your information, System restore will not delete any personal data; however it will delete any programs, windows updates or any other updates that took place recently. For example, if you are selecting the restore point to be the 15th of August, any programs installed to date after the 15th will be removed.
    • Once the system restore is complete, please check the internet connectivity.
    • Please do run Windows 7 updates and MacAfee updates.
    • To update McAfee please right click on the icon and select ‘Update’ option.
    • In case you would like to update the Windows 7 as well please use the link provided below.
    I hope this helps. Please do write back in case you need any further assistance on the same.

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    shubhamnema Array
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    Re: Not able to connect with Internet via Wireless Network on Windows 7

    dear user
    to find problem for wireless connection please attention
    check that
    your device are support wireless connection.
    and reset all connection settings on your pc.
    it will helps you...

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