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    Num Lock failed in Dell notebook running Windows

    The num lock seems to have failed in my Dell notebook running Windows. How can I handle this situation?

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    Ramesh Array
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    Re: Num Lock failed in Dell notebook running Windows


    This problem is occured so,YOu should br repair or do You have a any warrenty card then goto service center and exchange it..

    Follow the sertain rulws:

    -->do you install the dtivers

    That drivers are downloaded from the certain website..


    in this site go to the Drivers menu it is help full for you..

    -->Num Lock is on/off is in that working that once check it..

    -->then after dio decide the management to how to is aOnly one key is not working or total Num Lock is not working do you check them..

    This is certain process...

    don't worry it is very easy process...

    kk.jpeg.....it is a rating of key to check them..

    k.jpeg..........It is Num Lock in keyboard..

    Thank You...

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    jrkk Array
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    Re: Num Lock failed in Dell notebook running Windows

    Dear friend ...

    This is common problem rarely occurred using windows operating systems.

    This problem is caused by due to the keyboard driver failed.

    For solving this problem. you can follow these steps care fully

    procedure 1

    step1: right Click on the My Computer Icon on your desktop.
    step2: a drop-down will appear on your desktop. choose and click the command is manage.
    step3: a windows will be appear on your desktop . choose and select the left panel that window option is device manager.
    step4: Focus on the center of the panel. select the keyboard related driver and right click on it.
    step5: A drop down menu appear on that area. Click a prorperties.
    step6: A properties box will be appear on the screen. In that screen click Driver update.

    After completing Driver update you will key you num key functionality reback.


    This is not manual procedure.
    if not get num key functionality by using previous procedure the simply follow this,

    * Uninstall the keyboard driver that already installed in your system.
    * and restart once and again install with latest keyboard driver frimware.

    Every thing is normally working . you can do your wanted operations with num key successfully.....

    Thanks ...................

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Num Lock failed in Dell notebook running Windows

    Is it a new sestem? or an old one? while POST (Power On Self Test) check is the num lock LED blinking?
    Anyway if its a new system then you must be having a warranty go contact the service center address and contact numbers are in their brochure they had provided you while you purchased the system and tell them your problem. athey will ask a few questions and answer them. They will send engineer to you.
    If you dont have warrnty contact a qualified service engineer and fix your trouble.
    Thank you.

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    Rozalyn Array
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    Re: Num Lock failed in Dell notebook running Windows

    Do not worry, it is nothing. These kind of issues happen in the case of notebook or laptops. Why because, the keypads of notebooks are far more sensitive than that of a normal personal desktop computer. Sometimes due to small issues keys of the keyboard get affected and stop working properly. Now what you need to do is, change the num lock key. If you take it to your service center then the volunteers over there, will help you in this regard and make the necessary changes. If your guarantee period is still there you will not be required to pay for this. But if it is finished then they will charge you some money, for their service.

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    bonomali Array
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    Re: Num Lock failed in Dell notebook running Windows

    Hello Friend,

    A laptop is a sensitive device compared to a desktop. It seems to me there is some hardware issue involved in your problem. Somehow you Dell numl ock key is damaged or it is not working due to some technical issue. To sort out the issue you should visit your nearest Dell service centre and talk to the authorized technicain. He will first check your laptop and then tell you whether you have to change the num lock key or he can repair the existing key. If your laptop is new you will get full warranty cover otherwise you have to pay for the service. But still your problem will be over.


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