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    Problem with the safe mode in Windows XP

    I have a Desktop powered by Windows XP. My system got damaged by Trojan virus. So I tried going into safe mode by hitting the F8 key. The menu screen appears but when I select one of the menu items, I get a stream of execute messages and does not go into safe mode. I cleaned the system using Kaspersky and AVG bootable discs. What is the problem with this even after I deleting the virus. I want to do as soon as possible so that I can log in to the system.

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    Re: Problem with the safe mode in Windows XP


    Click on Start. In Windows XP, also click Run.

    In the search box (Windows 7 and Vista) or Run window (Windows XP), type the following and then press Enter:

    This will open the System Configuration program.

    Note: Do not make changes in System Configuration other than those outlined here to avoid causing serious system issues. This utility controls a number of startup activities other than those involved with Safe Mode.

    Click on the Boot tab located at the top of the System Configuration window.

    In Windows XP, this tab is labeled BOOT.INI

    Check the checkbox next to Safe boot (/SAFEBOOT in Windows XP) and then click OK.

    Note: The radio buttons under the Safe boot options start the various other modes of Safe Mode. For example, Alternate shell starts Safe Mode with Command Prompt and Network starts Safe Mode with Networking.

    See Safe Mode: What It Is and How To Use It for more information on the various Safe Mode options.

    You will then be prompted to either Restart, which will restart your computer immediately, or Exit without restart, which will close the window and allow you to continue to use your computer in which case you'll need to restart manually.

    After restarting, Windows will automatically boot to Safe Mode.

    Important: Windows will continue to start in Safe Mode automatically until System Configuration is configured to again boot normally, which we'll do over the next several steps.

    If you'd prefer to continue to start Windows in Safe Mode automatically each time you reboot, for example if you're troubleshooting a particularly nasty piece of malware, you can stop here.

    When your work in Safe Mode is complete, again start System Configuration as you did in Steps 1 and 2 above.

    Choose the Normal startup radio button (on the General tab) and click OK.

    You'll again be prompted with the same restart your computer question as in Step 5. Choose one option, most likely Restart.

    Your computer will restart and Windows will start normally... and will continue to do so.

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    Re: Problem with the safe mode in Windows XP

    Its a problem of virus... you may solve it by the following way...
    1)Just give a bootscan before shutdown everytime... If you are using free antivirus Windows Security essential will be better
    You may download it from the following link:
    Install it....
    2)Then press f8 key to choose Safe Mode ... see it works...

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    Re: Problem with the safe mode in Windows XP

    hi my dear friend...........to fix this problem

    first login with the normal mode

    after that click on the start menu and go to control panel

    then click on the system and security option

    after that click on the administrative tools option

    after that double click on the system configuration option

    then a small window will be opened .......in that window choose the boot.ini TAB

    under the TAB select the safemode option .....and click the OK button

    then there is a dialogue box appears .....in the box click on the restart option

    then your pc will automatically enter in to the safe mode...................ALL THE BST

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