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    Procedure to run Memory Diagnostics Tool automatically on Windows 7?

    What should I do so as to run Memory Diagnostics Tool automatically on my Windows 7 PC. I can't find the option to turn it on in Windows 7 Start > Memory. So where do I go to enable this tool to run automatically. Explain me in detail about the procedure of doing that. Hope you respond soon to my query.

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    Aniruddha Array
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    Re: Procedure to run Memory Diagnostics Tool automatically on Windows 7?

    The Windows 7 is designed to run the memory diagnostics automatically, once it found that there is problem in memory space.
    If windows find error in memory it will notify you , click on the notification to autostart diag tool,
    It will offer you a couple options, select Restart and check memory ......., and the other Check next............,
    select the first one, but be cautious all your data will be erased if not backed up from current memory and workspace.
    Also you can click Tools menu and select different additional options like TESTMIX, CACHE,PASSCOUNT to utilize advanced features.

    Manually, Click start, Control panel, in the search box, type memory, click DIAGNOSE YOUR ..........,
    select start.
    This should eneble you to start diag manually.

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    Re: Procedure to run Memory Diagnostics Tool automatically on Windows 7?

    Hi dear friend................to run the memory diagnostics tool.........follow the below instructions

    first click the start menu and open the control panel

    now click on system and security option

    after that click ADMINISTRATIVE TEMPLATES option


    1.jpgand after click on RESTART NOW AND CHECK FOR PROBLEMS ( recomended)

    then the computer now will restart ,,,,,,and now you will see this screen next
    1.jpg when the test is finished....it will restart automatically

    if found any errors the tool will attempt to determine which perticuler memory module in your computer is causing these errors
    If that information is available it will be stated in the results after you log on from the restart If bad memory is found then you will need to remove and replace the bad RAM module


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