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    Procedure to run .Net Framework 2010 on Windows XP System?

    I have purchased the .Net framework 2010 DVD from the Microsoft in an online deal, I have windows XP computer in my home. When i try to turn this framework of version 2010 the machine reports to check the compatibility issues. I have tried many times always the same message seems to appear. Any suggestions would help me greatly.

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    Re: Procedure to run .Net Framework 2010 on Windows XP System?

    Dear friend first of all the .net frame work is free of cost software distributed by the microsoft.

    You need not to purchase it and only need to download and install it in your pc.

    Follow these steps.

    1. Goto google.com

    2. Search .net framework

    3. download the installer file.

    4. Run the downloaded installer file.

    5. You will require active internet connection to be able to update and install the .net firmware.

    6. .net firmware shall be installed on your system.

    For the further help post to my visitor massage


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    Re: Procedure to run .Net Framework 2010 on Windows XP System?

    Hi dear friend............

    .NET frame work 2010 ... is the 4.0.3 version

    .net frame work 4.0.3 is compatible with the below operating systems only

    Windows XP (SP3)
    Windows Vista (SP1)
    Windows 7
    Windows Server 2003 (Base & R2)
    Windows Server 2008 (Base & R2 all editions not supported in Server Core Role)
    Windows Small Business Server 2003 & 2008

    So, first of all ....you need check whether the version of OS you are using

    and after install it

    ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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